Home System Projects

Audio Symphony first opened its doors in 1981 catering to customers looking for systems beyond what chain stores could offer.

Throughout the years audio/video Equipments have evolved but our principles have stayed the same: Listen to the customer, design a system based on their needs, do the proper installation , make sure it works properly and they are comfortable using it, and be fair.

This has resulted in many satisfied customers in the entire Bay Area. Our goal is to win our clients, not the competition. We have put together a photo album of our everyday installations for our valued customers to look at, not to impress them by extreme systems but to show them what we can do for them.

We hope that you will visit us for your next purchase, giving us the opportunity of serving you for another 30 years to come. Please pull into our customer parking when you arrive.

Projects - Wine Country - 1 Projects - Wine Country - 2 Projects - Wine Country - 3 Projects - Wine Country - 4

Wine Country Getaway

Dedicated Home Theater, Great Room TV & audio system, Game Room TV & audio system, indoor-Bar, Outdoors/steam RM/Pool audio system, Bedrooms ...

Projects - SF House - 1 Projects - SF House - 2 Projects - SF House - 3

San Francisco House

Home Theater, Family Room TV, Bedroom TV, Wall Touch pad Home audio System, Door intercom system

Projects - SF Loft - 1 Projects - SF Loft - 2 Projects - SF Loft - 3 Projects - SF Loft - 4

San Francisco Loft

Motorized TV Lift, Audio system on the Roof Deck, Recessed Bedroom TV, Wall touch pad house audio system

Projects - Hillsborough - 1 Projects - Hillsborough - 2 Projects - Hillsborough - 3 Projects - Hillsborough - 4

Hillsborough House

Built-in Family Room TV, TV Lift in Bedroom, Outdoors audio system